February 24, 2014


Maintain Garden

Maintaining a landscape garden

Enjoying your new landscape garden? Well landscaping does not end there. Maintenance is key to a long, and good-looking garden in order to give it a manicured appearance. Trimming, adding fertilizers and watering is all part of maintenance. To ensure a level of constancy in a garden, it is essential to follow the three W’s;





Weeds are those unwanted growths occurring alongside our regular plants as a result of dispersals. Apart from being unappealing to look at, these weeds also suck all the nutrients from the soil that are otherwise essential for the growth of other plants and cause severe damage. If weeds are allowed to grow, they penetrate deeper into the soil, with their roots tightening making it difficult to uproot later. Hence, regular weeding is extremely crucial to maintain luscious growth year-round.







Like humans need food and water to survive, so do plants. Plants take in water from the soil, in the presence of sunlight to undergo photosynthesis, thus producing the nutrients necessary for their growth. While some plants have a certain level of tolerance towards neglect, other do not. Without regular watering, plants undergo dehydration ultimately leading to their death.





Imagine not shaving, or trimming your hair for months together? Not a good picture, right? Your garden too will not portray a good appealing picture if not groomed properly and periodically. To avoid outgrowing of your well-shaped plants and trees, regular trimming and pruning is mandatory.

Apart from the basic W’s, maintenance also involves giving your garden the extra nutrition by adding fertilizers and manure to the soil, spraying natural repellants to keep the bugs and insects from destroying the beauty and adding extra soil as and when erosion takes place. After all, you never know when the sky will come pouring down.