February 14, 2014

About Us

About Silver Foliage

Greenery, nature and balance are vital for a healthy life. While some of our clients look at gardens as their refuge or place of peace, others look at it as a medium for some leisure time and reflection.

As Aristotle rightly said, “Moderation in all things”, we strive to make every area an ideal environment with a perfect balance, to relax and soothe away our worries and cares thereby making us healthier, both physically and mentally and increasing our productivity.

A 30-year old landscape design and development company, Silver Foliage specializes in integrating the disciplines of art, architecture, interior design, planning and landscape. We are a Mumbai based firm with a diverse team who share our love for greenery and nature and specialize in all fields of civic, institutional, commercial, and residential projects.

A combination of our passion for plants and the history of landscape architecture helps us create unique designs for each land. Reflection is key for our designs which evolves from an areas’ cultural and physical environment. Each design is based on thorough research and understanding of the sites geography, ecology and history. Our layout and organization of the landscape and its elements is created in a spatial fashion with emphasis on people, movements, connection between the spaces and using objects and materials to frame and form the proportions of a project.

From the beginning of our time till date, we have been successfully turning our clients’ conceptualizations into reality. We begin from the grassroots level with close consultations to turn your vision into ours. We then apply our expertise and our mutual love and respect for nature to the vision and translate great ideas into a pleasing and functional design which we then further develop. We also believe in long relationships for which we provide maintenance services as well.