Landscape Development and Corporate Plant Rentals.


Landscape Development and Plant Rentals
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Our trained staff embrace each project with passion & bring to life a designed environment with intelligent use of creative products and plant selection.

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We work with large, multi-functional sites and small, intimate spaces. We’re one of the few firms capable of creating high-profile projects at a large scale.

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Silver Foliages hassle free maintenance plans ensures that your landscaped gardens and green spaces always look spectacular and new.

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Stop worrying about maintaining – simply sign up for Silver Foliages exclusive Plant rental programs and get used to seeing new exciting plants everyday

Civic, Institutional, Commercial & Residential
30+ years, 200+ clients, 1000+ acres.


Design - Develop - Maintain - Rental
Green spaces are a vital part of a balanced life.

Green spaces are a vital part of a balanced life. For most of our clients a garden is a refuge, a place of peace, tranquility and reflection. We strive to make an ideal environment to relax and soothe away stresses and cares.

Silver Foliage is a 30-year old landscape design and development company that specializes in integrating the disciplines of art, architecture, interior design, planning and landscape. We are a Mumbai based firm and employ a diverse team for all kinds of civic, institutional, commercial, and residential projects.

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  • Planning a research oriented and well structured garden.

  • Turning ideas, imaginations and designs into reality.

  • Ensuring the reality stays looking spectacular and new.

  • Ignoring the hassle of maintenance and monotony.

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