February 24, 2014


Design Garden

Designing a landscape garden

Designing is key to begin any landscape project. However, it is not so much designing as it is planning. For your landscape to look appealing, everything should be in the right place or in the right spot. It is essential that a particular piece of land is assigned to a particular purpose, maybe it is hedging, flower beds or even point of interests.

While planning a garden, it is necessary to keep a few things in mind:

Plants placement


Pick the right plants for the right area

Not all plants are alike. Every plant has different properties and each requires different factors for growing. Though sun and water is every plant’s desire, the volume and amount varies. Some plants may need direct sunlight, while others may not. Hence the right area needs to be picked and allotted to prevent withering.Plan for movement or maintenance access.



Plan for movement or maintenance access

While planning any garden, it is essential to think of the future and leave access areas accordingly for movement of lawn mowers or any other maintenance machinery and gardeners. Apart from maintenance, spaces should be left for any future unplanned constructions like benches or figurines.







Give your garden some sway

Any garden without movement is like a still picture. A picture may look nice on a wall or on your computer screen but not necessarily in a garden. It is essential to add a breezy sway by adding some lush green grass which will eventually make the garden look more alive.


Accent your building or house

Unless the building or house is a point of interest itself, it is mandatory that it must be accented with some plants or greenery to give it some softer edges and make it all look like one big picture. Buildings can also be accented by adding indoor plants and greenery.

building or house